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Rymnth Design - Ceative and Productive
Rymnth Design - Creative and Productive    
Design Template
Design Includes
Website design and layout
Logo, Graphics & Page design
Site management and updates
Web Hosting and domain name
Fast 24/7 Tech Support
Performance and SEO
Design Template more...
Design Template
Accelerate Your Business With Web Technology
Business Design

Hundreds of millions of people browse the internet everyday looking for services, in several cases people would rely on what they see over the web rather than to step out.

Each company’s web representation becomes very important to attract people to the business and services.The better representation and way of web marketing, the faster the growth.

  About Us
  We specialize in website design, archetecture and layout. Our services and added feature can improve your web marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Shares and share controls, E-Mail Marketing and Newsletter. Our team of specialists in Database design and online forms generation can enrich your web content with more valuable options.

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Base Pages
Scripts & Languages
  • HTML, XML JavaScript
  • Graphics, Logo
  • CSS, Tables, Forms
  • Art Design, Templates
  • PHP, Javascript, Shell
  • Web 2.0 with Ajax
  • Java, ASP, SQL
  • Database Design
  • Optimized Code
  • Search Engine Opt.
  • Test on all Browsers
  • Low image load
  • Shares, bookmarking
  • Feeds,BLogs, RSS
  • Create Newsletter
  • Online Payments

Basic Website

  • 3 Page HTML
  • Graphics, Logo
  • Upload, Update
  • Performance
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Value Website

  • 5 Page HTML
  • Design Template
  • Maintenance
  • Domain (1 Year)
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Website Plus

  • 5 Page HTML/Flash
  • Design Template
  • Maintenance
  • Domain (1 Year)
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